This is Beards and Brows, we do things differently here.


A new and exciting business is launching soon in Manchester. Beards and Brows members will be able to experience a mix between a hair & beauty salon, barber and a bar all under one roof (in separate rooms of course). Where out of hours the bar is open to the public with a DJ.

Our Hub

Beards and Brows have created a fully fitted out Beauty Salon, Hair Salon and Barber Shop within its cutting-edge new brand, shaking up the traditional high street approach to selfcare. Spanning over three floors this incredible building in the heart of popular Altrincham offers clients a one stop shop for all their needs with a catered staff member to each client delivering their needs from drinks through to entertainment. This hub is something special, a non-gender binary brand, catering to everyone. All ages, all genders, all styles, all personalities, all under one roof.

About Andrew (CEO)

“I left a Cushy corporate position and risked everything because I wanted to build something special. Beards and Brows was created after my girlfriend and I went to town together to get our hair ‘done’. She headed one way and I headed the other. After 30 mins I was finished and then I headed to her hairdresser where I waited outside for a further 3.5 hours. It’s not that I couldn’t go in and sit down, I just didn’t want to. So our day out together ended up a day apart. range of professional staff catering you with drinks when you need them.”

Our Story

What makes Beards and Brows different is the fact that we have multiple businesses under one roof. A bar, hair salon, beauty salon and barber plus on the weekends there is a DJ and dance area for members to have fun in. We have made it our mission to create an inclusive space for couples, friends, groups and singles to enjoy. Creating a new business in a pandemic was not easy but I am very excited to bring this new venture to the public and to show the world that you can have fun with a simple idea. Whether you are a boyfriend waiting for your partner to finish their hair or simply just want a beer, there is something for everyone. Membership is free and you pay per service whilst having a range of professional staff catering you with drinks when you need them.

Get in Touch

Want to be part of a fantastic collective of industry experts in this unique co-working environment? Then please get in touch by dropping us an email at